Alliance BioEnergy Plus, Inc.

Benjamin Slager - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Slager joined the Company in the summer of 2016 after moving his family from the Netherlands and selling his last venture to DSM a large public international energy and technology company located in Europe.  Mr. Slager is an expert in developing and commercializing new technologies. Main proven competence and experience: great technical knowledge and […]

Dr. Anthony E. Santelli II - Chief Operating Officer

Dr Santelli joined the Company as a Director in May, 2018, after having made large investments into the Company. He became Chief Operating Officer in October 2018 to manage the transition through bankruptcy. He has been engaged in various turn around efforts and has provided venture capital to various companies in the energy, alternative energy, […]

Ek Laboratories, Inc.

Dr. Peter J. Cohen - Director of Research

Peter was intrigued by the natural world at an early age, growing up in a small town in Connecticut with his family. He has set out to establish a career that is a good fit for his ambitious personality and entrepreneurial spirit. Peter’s diverse knowledge base, leadership skills and work ethic are perfect to support […]