Ek Laboratories, Inc. (“Ek Labs”) is a subsidiary of Alliance BioEnergy. Ek Laboratories opened its full service analytical laboratory equipment and patented Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) Pilot plant in June 2015. Ek Labs Longwood Florida facility includes 1000 SF of laboratory space, 7500 SF of pilot plant space and 1500 square feet of office and meeting space, as well as outside marshaling and parking areas.


Dr. Richard Blair, inventor of the CTS process and Director of Ek Laboratories, along with Dr. Zhilin Xie began running the CTS process at a 2.5 ton per day scale and achieved conversion of Hay (used as a control due to its similarity to other grasses and legumes) into sugars immediately.  The CTS process differs from all other cellulose conversion technologies due to the lack of cellulose pre-treatment, liquid acids, enzymes, applied heat or pressure and long processing times.  The patented mechanical process is cost effective, truly green (no emissions or use of hazardous materials) and able to convert virtually any cellulose material into sugars and other fine chemicals in a matter of minutes at a fraction of the cost of other methods.  Furthermore because it is a mechanical/chemical process and modular design it can be scaled to meet the needs of the end user whether that is 1,000’s of tons a day or on the back of a truck for remote feedstock locations.


Ek’s lab is run by Dr. Peter Cohen. Laboratory capabilities and equipment include a HP Gas Chromatograph, JEOL DART Mass Spectrometer, Finnigan Ion Spectrometer, Waters Micromass with electrospray ionization, UV-VIS detection and MS-MS capabilities plus several methods of separation including gas and liquid chromatography, filtration and centrifugation. This world class lab has more capabilities than most universities.  In addition, the lab is equipped for wet chemistry with chemical storage, gases, soxhlett extraction, distillation, reflux and gravimetric analysis.


Ek Laboratories is the quality control center for the CTS process around the world, it is also a profit center and operates as an independent lab capable of a wide range of analysis for industrial materials, pharmaceuticals, fuels, gases, pesticides, pollutants, sugars, perfumes, lipids, fatty acids and a wide range of other materials and industries.