AMG-Energy_Group-Logo-Final_email_sizeAMG Energy Group, LLC (“AMG”) is a subsidiary of ALLM.  It was formed to be the technology arm of the Company.  AMG focuses on the licensing of the company’s Intellectual Property (“IP”), engineering and construction of CTS plants and emerging technologies in the renewable energy, bio-fuels and new technology sectors.  In December of 2013, ALLM acquired the controlling interest in AMG, which owns a fifty percent interest in Carbolosic, LLC.  Carbolosic holds the exclusive, worldwide license to the patented mechanical/chemical technology known as the “CTS” process (Cellulose to Sugar) developed and held by the University of Central Florida.  The CTS™ process is able to produce Cellulose Sugars, Various Fine Chemicals, Plastics, Carbon Fibers and other valuable products at a fraction of the cost and time when compared to other cellulose technologies.

Under the direction of AMG President Jim Brown and CTS™ inventor Dr. Richard Blair, along with the scientific team of  Dr. Peter Cohen and Dr. Zhilin Xie, AMG is exploring a variety of technologies while working towards various pathways for the use of its licensed intellectual properties.  AMG also holds the exclusive rights to the CTS™ process for North America and Africa.  Thor Renewable Energy Singapore holds the exclusive rights to Southeast Asia.  The rest of the world is a joint venture with Thor Renewable Energy Singapore and AMG through Carbolosic, LLC.  AMG has begun licensing territories and intends to build five (5) CTS plants under a funding agreement entered into with the United States Regional Economic Development Authority (“USREDA”), in the South Florida area.