Daniel de Liege - Chairman / CEO

As CEO, Mr. de Liege has taken the company from concept through commercialization of its licensed, patented technology while bringing the company to a fully reporting and trading public company on the U.S. stock markets. Mr. de Liege began his business career in the early 80’s as senior management at one of the worlds leading […]

George D Bolton - Director

George D. Bolton is a seasoned business professional with deep experience in production agriculture. From the management of fertilizer and chemical plants, to the development and integration of a precision farming system for a national fertilizer and chemical distribution company, George has worked to develop and integrate new technologies for agriculture. Recognizing the impact carbon […]

Charles F Sills - Director

Charles Sills has extensive experience planning and directing international industrial, infrastructure, environmental and energy initiatives, having served as a member of the Danube Task Force, the governing council that ran the Danube Basin Environmental Restoration Program led by the World Bank, the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development and the UN Development Program, involving 13 […]

Benjamin Slager - Director

Mr. Slager joined the Company in the summer of 2016 after moving his family from the Netherlands and selling his last venture to DSM a large public international energy and technology company located in Europe.  Mr. Slager is an expert in developing and commercializing new technologies. Main proven competence and experience: great technical knowledge and […]

Troy Lorenz - Director

Troy Lorenz is a seasoned business professional with a broad experience in business development and operations. From his experience with Price Waterhouse as a tax attorney/CPA, private practice in estate and business planning, regional developer for several Fortune 500 financial services companies, consulting engagements in North Dakota’s Bakken Oil Formation as well as other businesses, […]