Daniel de Liege – Chairman / CEO

As CEO, Mr. de Liege has taken the company from concept through commercialization of its licensed, patented technology while bringing the company to a fully reporting and trading public company on the U.S. stock markets.

Mr. de Liege began his business career in the early 80’s as senior management at one of the worlds leading electronics manufacturers and then eventually becoming President and CEO in the mid-nineties of a publicly traded pharmaceutical company, with several worldwide patents.  In the late 90’s Mr. de Liege took over as President of Prelude Pictures, a Paramount Pictures based Production Company.  During his time at Prelude Pictures the company produced several blockbuster motion pictures including Lost in Space, Black Dog and The Perfect Game.  While at Prelude Pictures Mr. de Liege was also instrumental in the promotions, marketing and advance ticket sales for Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

During his career Mr. de Liege has focused on streamlining operations, increasing shareholder value and enhancing the companies bottom-line through sound management and economic policies.  Mr. de Liege has specialized in turning companies around and setting them on a pathway to success and prosperity.

Throughout his career Mr. de Liege has created a corporate culture that strives to be environmentally friendly to its surroundings, a good corporate citizen, and responsive to its community and employees.

Mr. de Liege is active in his Church, sits on the Board of several charities and is married with three children.